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We Need Bees, and Bees Need Our Help

Bees pollinate our fields, orchards and gardens — providing nearly one-third of the food we eat. They bring sweetness to our lives. But bees face serious threats and need our help. Beesponsible® is the way we keep them healthy and around. Explore our site to learn about this important pollinator, the simple yet powerful things you can do to Beesponsible and the Bee Harmony Honey that supports our cause.

Honey Handcrafted for the Love of Bees

Honey Handcrafted for the Love of Bees

Bee Harmony® Honey is made from the harmony of bees and people. We make it the way nature intended, using responsible practices that respect the environment. That’s why it’s called The Beesponsible Honey.

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Get to Know Native Bees

Get to Know Native Bees

The Beesponsible movement seeks to protect and celebrate all bees, not just our honey-making friends. Learn more about the essential impact that the thousands of native bee species have on our ecosystem.

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Bee Gardening

There’s nothing more Beesponsible than creating your own garden where bees and other pollinators can do their thing.

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Make Your Voice Heard for Bees

Make Your Voice Heard for Bees

Bees face serious threats, from pesticides to loss of habitat. Here’s your chance to tell your national and local leaders to take action now.

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